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The best french toast ever! Cinnamon roll stuffed brioche french toast tutorial
The best french toast ever! Cinnamon roll stuffed brioche french toast tutorial

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Bob and Laurie M and Bruce D.

In 1995 founders Bruce Dean and Bob & Laurie Manley opened the first Black Bear Diner in Mt. Shasta, CA. Their mission was simple: create a fun and friendly atmosphere where the local community could enjoy huge portions of home-style cooking at a reasonable price. Today, we continue their mission at every Black Bear Diner across the country, as we passionately provide guests an outstanding experience. Our menu offers comfort food classics, and our entire menu is offered all day long. Whether you are craving pancakes at 8 pm or pot roast at 8 am – we’ve got something for everyone. Enjoy your meal in our family-friendly, cabin-themed diner with our welcoming staff or order to enjoy in the comfort of your home.

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    Is breakfast served all-day?


    Yes it is! In fact, our entire menu is available all day long.

    Black Bear D., Business Customer Service7 years ago 1 person found this helpful

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  • 7/16/2023Updated review

    Got there for an early Sunday morning breakfast and service was fast and relaxed. The food was fabulous and the coffee was free flowing. Such a great restaurant.

    2/5/2022Previous review

    We love black bear! Great food- always delicious and comforting and hearty! Great service! Great memories- we love bringing our boys and eating and chatting on weekend mornings!

    6/6/2021Previous review

    We come nice and early before the crowd! Our son always gets a burger and we get breakfast- the menu is big enough to make everyone happy! The food is great- just good classic food. The service is top notch! Always a family favorite!

  • 9/6/2023

    Went in for breakfast and ordered hash browns with Swiss cheese melted in them. Got the order and they put the cheese on top of the hash browns and the cheese and hash browns were cold. No melty cheese. Waitress seemed in interested in fixing the issue. Not a good day for BBD. Won’t be going back anytime soon.

  • 9/4/2023

    They ran out of cinnamon roll French toast, spinach, and country fried potatoes and we have been waiting for an hour for our food. This place is a complete train wreck! When our food came out it was not what we ordered and so we would have had to wait another 20 minutes for food so we got up and left.

  • 5/14/2023

    Big shout out to the managers and staff.

    They made accommodations for our family which consist of 18 people on Mother’s Day. Everything from the food to the service was perfect. We so appreciate their willingness to work with us and for us. Can’t say enough great things about this place and all the hard workers that run it!

  • 1/2/2023

    We keep giving this cahin a chance and they keep disappointing us.

    Appearance: its a chain restaurant with a fun bear theme. It was mostly empty when we got seated (family of 5, 3 kids). Several tables were passed on our way to our table to be seated, that had not been bussed.
    Service: the waitress was irratated to be called in on her day off( she told us the story) took awhile to get our drink order taken and then to receive the drinks. Once the food order was taken we didnt see her again until the food arrived at which point our drinks were finally refilled. One of the orders was completely wrong, once corrected the full order never came. More than one thing we ordered never came. The bill was wrong as we were charged for things we ordered but didnt come, or ordered and they told us they were out of. The waitress was was rude when talking to my son when he was ordering.
    Product:(food) Pancakes, its their one redeeming grace,…. well not today they were all different sizes and thickness and one complete order never came. They seemed more like crispy crepes to me. The potatoes had no taste, the bacon was more akin to cardboard, the biscuits and gravy were edible but nothing i would crave. Eggs were rubbery and i think scrapped off a the first wrong order and repurposed for the correct order.
    Price:if we had all been happy with the food and the orders had been correct i would say it was a good price for a family of 5, but if i want overpriced food and no taste i will stay home and try and cook it myself.

  • 11/23/2022

    OMG!! Kitchen sink omelette is the best. 3 egg omelette filled with chicken fried steak chunks, tomatoes, spinach bacon, ham, mushrooms, peppers and other goodies topped with sausage gravy. Steak is sooo tender and crunchy. Ask for it, you’ll be an insider. Comes with a mountain of country potatoes too. If you feel the need to eat for 4, just say Goddather it.

  • 7/20/2023Updated review

    It’s very chainy but my kids love having any meal here. I’ve had a variety of service from excellent to absolutely terrible (possibly a server on drugs) however the food comes in large servings and is consistent.

    3/3/2018Previous review

    I like the food but the service was lacking. I like the Orem location better. This location feels disorganized and when I was there last this server lady was yelling at the other servers in front of customers… unprofessional!

  • 4/7/2023Updated review

    Menu is a newspaper! I love that! It’s a place that just makes you feel at home. The service is fantastic. Food is delicious!

    9/28/2022Previous review

    My waitress was wonderful and funny! We love it here! Definitely go! This is so much better than Denny’s!

  • 4/9/2023

    I’ve been trying to see if this place would get better, but it just never seems to. The first time we went, we waited for our food for about an hour. Second time we went, we walked out because we didn’t get water until about 30 minutes into us sitting down. This last time we went, I ordered an online pick up order which they told me they never received, but I had both email confirmations. I ordered dinner at 5:30 and didn’t end up getting those two meals until 7:00 (they were also wrong).

    Picked up the two meals and noticed I never got my desert, drink and they charged me for silverware even though it says it’s free online. The food was cold when we got it and they messed up on both of the sides.
    In the end, save your money from these people and go to IHOP or Denny’s because they will do a hella lot better job then these clowns. What a mess of a business.

  • 2/26/2022

    I went to a different Black Bear years ago but I have not quite been to this location yet. Man, they really have started popping up everywhere! It was a Tuesday morning at like 9am so it was nothing too chaotic. I immediately got seated and waited for my friend to arrive.

    I had a blonde moment upon sitting down. I sat there like a weirdo while I waited for my friend because I was waiting for the menus. They gave me two newspapers that were made by Black Bear but I could not find the menu. Well, my friend then informed me that the newspaper is the menu. I was like “uhhh no it isn’t. Open it up and you will just find information about the diner” as it turns out, that is the menu, you just gotta open it up a bit more.
    Once I realized it was the menu, I thought it was the cutest little thing. I absolutely love the newspaper thing!
    Moving on. The menu was very diverse and I was thrilled when the server told us that we could get anything on the menu at any time. I am a person that does not enjoy a crazy amount of sugar in my body first thing in the morning so I rarely get something sweet for breakfast. I opted for the Turkey sandwich just because it was simple, not too heavy and truthfully sounded good.
    The turkey sandwich was pretty good! I cannot complain! To compliment my fries, I got a side of ranch. The ranch flavoring was very good but I think it is a good idea to tell a sister ahead of time that the chunks in it are bacon…because I was genuinely worried about what chunk was in my ranch. This was a first for me. Out of all the ranch I have ever ordered, it has never had pieces of anything in it. I will admit, I think the bacon is unnecessary. I don’t think it added any extra flavor and really just took the prime real estate in the cup that was supposed to have ranch. It was different though and I appreciate people putting spins on ranch and trying different stuff. I also thought the ranch was very good; nice consistency and flavor.
    All in all, it is a nice spot for a meal, any time of the day. They have a wide array of options that I think most people will like and definitely seem like they would be willing to accommodate otherwise. American Fork is lucky to have a Black Bear location!

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